Kansas Counties with 1,000 SARS-CoV-2 cases:

Seward +1,252 -4

Leavenworth +1,519 -9

Shawnee +1,712 -19

Finney +1,801 -11

Ford +2,106 -10

Wyandotte 5,137 -107

Sedgwick +5,213 -47

Johnson +6,228 -106

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Did you know that the last day to register as a REPUBLICAN is October 13th 2020?*
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Tuesday, November 3 (GENERAL ELECTION) – Advance ballots must be postmarked on or before Election Day.*
Economy: Incumbents tend to win if the economy is doing well.*
Climate Change: Protests have elevated climate change in the 2020 election.*
Health Care: Medicare for All.*
Immigration: A border wall and mass shootings have thrust immigration into the 2020 spotlight.*
Free College and Student Debt Forgiveness: Higher education could be a key voting issue.*
Trade and Tariffs: Trade is expected to be a key policy issue heading into the 2020 presidential election.*
NRA, Gun Rights and Gun Control: Mass shootings have made gun laws a priority.*
UBI: Universal Basic Income*
MEXICO will PAY for the Wall!*
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Dr. Roger Marshall for Senate *
Michael Soetaert Kansas BIG 1st Congressional district election November 3rd?*
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"If we skip over the checkpoints in the guidelines to: 'Open America Again,' then we risk the danger of multiple outbreaks throughout the country," Dr. Fauci "This will not only result in needless suffering and death, but would actually set us back on our quest to return to normal." Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director NIAID*
Do you follow the CDC, gubernatorial and presidential guidelines? *
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Because of the undemocratic choices of the KFB, KGOP & the press, I will begin a Write-in congressional campaign if I am not the primary nominee. I am the only choice if YOU want to keep the BIG 1st RED.*
Historic Preservation of Art and Monuments*
Boycott: NRA, KFB & KGOP Cancel memberships & stop paying dues.*
The KGOP platform can easily be considered a bias or prejudice-motivated platform akin to a bias incident or hate crime. It clearly targets the LGBTQ community with a focus on sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.*
Are you in favor of spending bills that add to the deficit?*
Should Congress do anything about climate change?*
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Like the Wizard of Oz, that Toto discovers behind the curtain, I am authentic, genuine and real. I realize that I'm not grandiose or special, but it's the truth. I am just like every other Kansas farming and ranching kid. My life has always been rather messy and unkempt. If you are seeking a perfect or squeaky clean candidate, you will be disappointed with my raw wounds and endless mistakes. Complicated politics are nothing new to me. I'm not perfect! Yes, I have issues. Despite multiple attempts by myself and others, I still have a pulse. Attempted suicide failed. Homicidal thugs failed. I was clinically dead at least once. Surgeons successfully completed open heart & gastro-intestinal surgery. When, I CAME OUT in college, I left with the intention of NEVER returning. My parents were deeply ashamed and embarrassed that I was OUT. They really wanted me to disappear forever. I complied. I have my share of dirty laundry! It could easily be said that I am the long lost black sheep or prodigal son without exaggerating or stretching the truth! However, I'm very much alive and running as an OUT REPUBLICAN 1st for the Kansas BIG 1st congressional district."




I'm not perfect, but I'm perfect for Kansas!


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