Kansas Counties with 1,000 SARS-CoV-2 cases:

Seward +1,252 -4

Leavenworth +1,519 -9

Shawnee +1,712 -19

Finney +1,801 -11

Ford +2,106 -10

Wyandotte 5,137 -107

Sedgwick +5,213 -47

Johnson +6,228 -106




Joe Biden just forfeited the 2020 race by veeping Kamala Harris. America's HEARTLAND will reject this pathetic excuse for a presidential ticket. It's TRUMP or TRUMP 2020.

This pandemic is similar to a war.

America doesn't change

presidents during a war.

Furthermore, Joe Biden

isn't in command of his faculties.

He is senile and clearly has aphasia.

If the choice is between

Biden & TRUMP,

it's 100% TRUMP!





Healing the Soul of America by

Marianne Williamson


is essential reading NOW. We are now of the brink of civil war! Joe Biden's uncouth & racist reactions to Charlemagne Tha God's questions, civilian unrest, riots, terrorism & gratuitous violence have ignited OUR racial divide into an American inferno. May PEACE Heal America NOW❣


Racial reconciliation is essential to "Healing the Soul of America." Joe Biden has only added fuel to the flood of fire which is engulfing OUR pandemic, ridden cities. His foul racism and political history of African American suppression and oppression are an embarrassment to America 🇺🇸 Ask Charlemagne Tha God how he really felt being told what the color of his skin was by Biden. Is it really acceptable or appropriate for Joe Biden to be using BLM for his political profile?


TRUMP'S reelection is not a given. I believe that martial law must be declared immediately. If I were POTUS or Joe Biden, I would simultaneously create a Department of Peace & appoint Marianne Williamson as acting secretary of Peace. Created by racial & pandemic crisis, OUR current, civil unrest is comparable only to the American Civil War.


Nor is JOE BIDEN an automatic winner. I was flabbergasted to hear Biden speak to Charlemagne Tha God like he was entitled to the African American vote. It's like the conversation he had with Jerry Wayne. Marianne Williamson is the ultimate change catalyst. The DNC has always known that Marianne was actually a capitalist! SHE'S a metaphysical, warped & twisted TRUMP TWIN NIGHTMARE! It's essential to understand that Biden's (or even Bernie's) VEEP is actually #46! HEALING THE SOUL OF AMERICA is more than a campaign slogan lifted from Marianne Williamson. It's a path to American forgiveness and racial reconciliation. Joe Biden doesn't get it. Marianne Williamson does.




Like the Wizard of Oz, that Toto discovers behind the curtain, I am authentic, genuine and real. I realize that I'm not grandiose or special, but it's the truth. I am just like every other Kansas farming and ranching kid. My life has always been rather messy and unkempt. If you are seeking a perfect or squeaky clean candidate, you will be disappointed with my raw wounds and endless mistakes. Complicated politics are nothing new to me. I'm not perfect! Yes, I have issues. Despite multiple attempts by myself and others, I still have a pulse. Attempted suicide failed. Homicidal thugs failed. I was clinically dead at least once. Surgeons successfully completed open heart & gastro-intestinal surgery. When, I CAME OUT in college, I left with the intention of NEVER returning. My parents were deeply ashamed and embarrassed that I was OUT. They really wanted me to disappear forever. I complied. I have my share of dirty laundry! It could easily be said that I am the long lost black sheep or prodigal son without exaggerating or stretching the truth! However, I'm very much alive and running as an OUT REPUBLICAN 1st for the Kansas BIG 1st congressional district."


I'm not perfect, but I'm perfect for Kansas!


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